I did my first “brick” of the season today.  Well I guess we’ll call it that.  I did 30 min. on the trainer.  10min. warm up and the 2min standing, 2min easy spinning.  After the 30 min. I changed my  shorts and shoes, and ran to work.  It’s only 2 miles from my house, so it was an easy brick but none the less.  I did wish I would have put pants on instead of shorts when I left the house.  It was colder than I thought.  Being able to run to work is just one of the benefits of changing into scrubs at work.  I was not nearly as excited at the thought of running back home, it was less windy when I left.  I took a detour on the way home and ran through the park and did some hill repeats before going home.  So the 2 miles in the morning, and the 4.5 in the afternoon for a total of 6.5 miles for the day.  I finished the evening with powerzone class at fit club south.