Day 2

Day 2 on the raw foods fast.  I don’t an overwhelming sense of a renewal or anything, I do have a head ache this morning.  I think I’m having coffee withdrawal.  By lunchtime I was feeling pretty sluggish.  I think I stayed up too late, and did not recover from my long run yesterday.  I was not feeling much like swimming after work, but i ate some almonds, and drove to fc. 

I pulled one of my sprint work outs out of the closet.  I did a 300 warm up.  Main set: 1×50 on the 40sec, then 6×50 on the 60sec, 1x 50 on the 40 again then 5x 50 on the 60.  repeating this pattern down to 1x50on the 60.  When those 50 on the 40 come around, man they are tough.  For me it’s a 50 on the 35 with 5 sec rest.  Then right into the 50’s on the min.  I finished with a 400 pull, and a 200 cool down. 

When I got home I did my 2 reps of the Kelly workout. By this point in the night I was not even feeling hungry, but I ate a salad anyway.  No world series tonight so I’m off to bed early.