Dash then Splash

dsc02069I had a hour to get out and run before we had a soccer game.  I did a loop through the park down Chatham road and back home.  I did 7 miles.  This was the longest I have ran consecuatively since the marathon.  I felt good, and kept a decent pace. 

After a soccer game, football registration, and a book report, we went to Eisenhower pool where Nancy was taping our swim stroke.  She did an above the water , and underwater film.  The kids got to swim too, and I spent most of the time reliving my high school days by jumping of the diving board.  My 1 1/2 still looks pretty good but I tried to do a double and fell short a tad.  It wasn’t pretty.  After the swim clinic we went to Mario’s and ate dinner with everyone.  We had a great time.  I watched my swims on the video camera.  My above the water swim looked good.  I asked Nancy to get a shot of my flip turn under the water.  Nancy laughed at me because a flip turn won’t help you in a tri, but it does make me slower in the pool on Sundays.