Dance Off

I woke up early this morning  and I thought about going to swim but instead I did “hip hop booty bounce” on Exercise TV.  I am a horrible dance and have no rhythm, but it was a fun workout none the less.  After work I went home and get every thing ready for our 50 mile bike ride. I had an hour before Steven got home so I got the water bottles filled and went out to air up the tires.  I started to air up my back tire and it wouldn’t fill.  It was then that I noticed a huge tear in the side wall.  I have no idea how it go there?  Thank goodness R&M is close.  They changed both my tires into some new Continental gator skins, and we were out by 5.  We road to New Salem part of it was the Stovepipe course.  We tackled the hills, and were pushing it pretty hard.  I have started feeling much stronger on the bike , but Steven still kills me on the hills and dances on the petals while I’m struggling up.