Cycling Ed.

Steven and I were up early to get a run in before work.  Weplanned a 4 mile run.  It was dark and cold when we set out.  We kept around an 8mile pace.  That’s fast for us because we are usuallly chatting, and Steven is technically still on the DL.  We ended up doing 5 miles in 41min. 

After work, I went to fc and did 1700 Powerzone. I ducked out a few minutes early, so I could get t the tri club presentation on cycling with Dan Dungan.  Bridget and Leah did a nice job with the set up, and they had a great turnout.  I consider my self a cycling newbie, and I definitely learned a lot from Dan. 

After the presentation Steven and I grabbed some sushi at Pao.  We ran into Bridget there. I guess I missed out on some great ideas Leah had for the Hardy Breed web site.  Bridget filled me in.  Still need to talk to Dan.