Cry Me a River

I love Pandora radio…seriously.  I woke up this morning around 0515 to get a workout done on the trainer.  I had left my Ipod shuffle in the car, so I used Stevens Iphone to listen to music while I rode.  I typed in Britney Spears on Pandora and my first song was Toxic.  Then I got some J.T. ” Cry me a river, Christina, Rhianna, Pink, Fergie, and Ashlee Simpson.  It was a great play list for an early morning trainer ride.  I alternated between small chain, and big chain, just riding hard.  The music made the 40min. go by fast. 

After work I changed up my usual Wednesday routine and went to fitclub south.   I did a 3.5 mile pace run on the tmill and then 1700 ball zone with Christine.