Crazy Busy

This has been a crazy busy week.  My dad and step mom are in from Alabama, and of course Thanks giving.  I made it out Thursday morning for a run.  I ran to the park, and to the shelter.  I stood by the fire they had built, and waited for a few minutes to see who would show.  I couldn’t wait too long, so I took off and did 4 miles at a tempo pace about 7 min miles, ad the a mile back home. 

There was No black Friday for me this morning.  I had to be at work at 0600.  Ugh early, but we finished the day around 1300.  I got out for a 6 mile run.  It was so nice I wore shorts!  I didn’t bring my garmin with, but I was truckin along at a pretty fast pace.  I was slowing down the last mile, but there’s nothing like Marylin Manson’s “The Beautiful People”, and then ” So What” by pink, to get you moving.  You’ve got to make time to take time.