Completely Crazy

“To everyone else it seems completely crazy, but to us it’s perfectly normal”.  That’s not the exact quote, but something to that effect was said by one of the elite women racers at Kona.  That’s how I felt out on my long run today. Now, I wasn’t completely thrilled that it was 12 degrees out side, and ice on the ground, but I only have so much free time in a week.  I have to get my long run in today, I can’t wait and see what tomorrow will be like. 

I layered up the clothes, and I did get to try out the yak trax I bought at the end of the season last year.  I had my balaclava on, only a small bit of skin showing.  The wind stung my forehead, and gave me what felt like a brain freeze headache.  By mile 2.5 I was warmed up.  I headed through the park, and then down Washington.  I got a friendly honk from my sister in law.  She understands why I was out running, she is married to my brother.  But I think everyone else in their warm cars, thought I was nuts. 

The Yak trax were great.  It would have been an even tougher run with out them. I probably would have wiped out a time or two on the ice.  I would definitely recommend a pair fir winter running.  The run did take me longer than expected.  I got back home at 0945, and I had to be at work at 1000.  I changed quickly, grabbed a banana, and went to work.  I made it there @ 1002.  2 minutes late, not to bad. When I explained to my boss that my 11mile long run took longer than expected, the response was…” you went running. Outside. This morning?  Your crazy.”  I’m  not crazy just motivated.  Well maybe a little crazy, like the rest of us.