I have an addiction, and admitting it is the first step.  Obviously to exercise, but I am talking about something stronger.  Coffee. I can’t live with out it. I drink it all day long. I drink alone, and first thing in the morning.

I think I need to decrease my consumption in the mornings, especially before my long runs. Before a race I usually drink a cup or two, but I have at least an hour before I run. I am attributing the crappieness of my long run today, to the coffee.

I think I had 3 cups  this morning before I left the house this morning. I started my run, and by mile 1 I was thinking ” this is not a good start for a 10 mile run.”

By mile 3 I was feeling better, my pace quickened a bit. I brought my ipod, and I tried to disassociate myself from the run. It worked until my 7 when I bonked. I was over by the park and was trudging up the hills. I finally made it home, fixed a cytomax, and landed on the couch. My calves felt like 2 softballs. This was the worst run I have had, ever.

I felt better by the evening and made it to 1700 powerzone. We did inner/outer thigh, hamstring and bicep work.  Maybe I am being unfair to coffee, but I am going to not drink it next time, and see how I feel.