Change of Pace

mom tattoo Pictures, Images and PhotosI had one more work out to get in this week.  My 6 mile pace run.  It was a beautiful day today, and I was over the treadmill, so my wonderful mother watched my children for me so I could run outside. My mom lives across town from me. Close to the Idot trail. I usually never run over there, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to change it up and run somewhere different.

I parked my car, and started out on the run. I turned off my headphones and just enjoyed the run. I kept a 7:30-7:45 pace the first 3miles out. I felt comfertable. I turned around at 3 and the wind was at me now. I was keeping about a 8min. pace on the way back and it was a bit harder. I finished in 48min, and headed back to Mom’s to get the kids.