Case of the Monday’s

I usually have Monday off. However I worked for someone else who needed the day off.  Yuck. I was so tired.  After work I went to fit club and did ab attack. We did some work on the exercise balls.  After that I went to the pool.  I had ordered a pair of Barracuda predator goggles, and tried them out today.  A typical pool swim, I wear Swedish goggles.  They are the best. Small, cheap, and work well. I don’t think they are appropriate for open water swimming, especially longer distances.  I liked the barracuda’s.  They were soft and comfortable and gave me a wide, clear visual field.  I can see these working much better in an open swim.  Who wants a goggle leak when you’re swimming a mile?  I did a sprint work out.  400 warm up, 6×50 with 5 sec rest, 6×100 with 5 sec rest.  A 500 pull and then 6×50 again.  400 cool down.