Boston Taper Week

This is it, my last week before Boston.  We leave tomorrow afternoon!  The nerves haven’t hit yet, just excitement!  This is my first time to Boston, and it will be a great experience!  This taper week has been tough.  I ran an easy 5 yesterday and 4 today.  My legs are tired and they hurt.  I feel slooow.  It must be the taper.  I did weights this morning and tried to swim after my run.  I think I managed 1500 yards, but I was beat.  In preparation for the race, I have mapped out all the locations for the start, finish, hotel, expo ect. I also spoke with several runners and spectators of the Boston Marathon.  I will have a couple of days in Boston before the race, so we might do some sight-seeing, go to Harvard, do the Freedom Trail.  We are going to hit the Expo on Friday, and get it done!  That is my favorite part of big races!  I plan to take it easy on Sunday.  I don’t know my new number, I had to change it since my last name changed.  Pray for mild weather, and watch for me on T.V. in my hot pink shorts!