Blurred Vision

You know it’s time for a new pair of goggles when the strap breaks when you put them on and it looks like taffy instead of rubber, from the chlorine.  This happened when I put on my TRY socket rockets this morning, so I had to run back into the locker room and switch out goggles.  I bought a new pair of TRY’s in Gulf Shores. I jumped back in the pool and started my swim. 

There was a class going on in 2 lanes, but they left one open.  Thanks to Patty for letting me share a lane with her.  I began my warm up.  I realized two things when I started by first set of intervals: 1) I didn’t put my contacts in this morning, and 2) these goggles are tinted, and are really dark.  Now why I bought tinted goggles, I have no clue? The blurred vision my workout a little more challenging, after every interval I would stop, squint, and flip my goggles up so I could see the time.  I suffered through, and finished my work out.  I came home and did 20 min. of ab work.   Here was the swim:

300 free, 200 pull

Main: 6×250 on the 3:40
300 pull
8 time 4x 25’s w 5 sec rest, and 30 sec rest between each 4
200 cool down = 3300y