Black licorice

PhotobucketAfter a good nights rest I was feeling much less fatigue, I didn’t push my self though.  I slept in this morning.  Now tomorrow is Valentines day and some of the girls at work got flowers.  I was surprised with a bag of my favorite candy on the wind shield of my car when I left work!  Twizzlers black licorice.  Mmm.  I think you either love it , or think it’s nasty. I love , love it and  4 pieces has 150 calories and 1g fat.  I personally think it is a great recovery food!
After eating a few pieces of licorice, I was ready for 1700 powerzone. Steven joined me in the class. I think we almost got kicked out because we were talking. Jk. After powerzone, we hit the treadmills. It was already dark out side and I needed to do 6×800 repeats. The treadmill seemed like the best option. After my workout we got some Ginger take out, and channel surfed. I’m crashing early, long run in the a.m.