Big Dance Wednesday.

When is the last time anyone went to big dance Wednesday?  I don’t know if they still have it.  I just couldn’t think of a name for my post tonight, so I will try and make it relevant.  I went to 1600  powerzone at fit club. Great weight workout tonight with Amanda.  Kids were with their Dad signing up for football!  I was so psyched to go to the back on track work out with Katie Mac at SHG.  We started with a 400 for a warm up, then did a 800, 400, 400 pattern, with a 100 walk in between each one.  I felt a lot better than expected!  I know I pushed myself harder than I would have if I was doing this work out alone.  We finished the night with a 4×400 relay.  There were 7 teams. My team came in fourth, but it was close.  I was clean up crew, and I just could not catch Dr. Kakarala.   After the track work out I went and picked up the boys.  We had big dance Wednesday in the car on the way home.  Windows down, my cell phone was the mic, and we sang revolution, I am the walrus (Brady’s fav) and other Beatles tunes!  What a fabulous evening.