Big Breakfast.

My neck and shoulders were sore from my massage yesterday.  Like I lifted 200 lb weights, sore.  I still got up and did a 30 min. tempo run on the treadmill. 

I haven’t read all of this months Triathlete, but there is an article on nutrition, an how 25% of your daily caloric intake should be at breakfast time.  I think I managed that with my 3 cups of coffee and bowl of Bare Naked banana nut granola.  Mmm it’s sooo good. 

After work I went home and did an hour on the trainer.  10 min warm up, then 5min high candence, 2 min easy.  7 min high cadence, 5 min easy, 10 min. high cadence, and 5 easy.   The rest of the time I did 1 leg drills.