Big Baby

My toe is still painful and swollen,running is not an option today, so I headed to fitclub, and babied my foot during powerzone.  Then I hit the pool.  Swimming it great, I felt not pain during the swim.  Just had to watch it during the flipturns.  My work out was 4000y moderate length intervals.  After the swim I finished up my Christmas shopping! (yeah!)

I had 30 min to spare in the afternoon, so  jumped on the trainer and did a 3,3,3 work out.  3min standing, 3 min spinning, and 3 in a hard gear.  Here’s the swim:

4×200 ( swim, kick, pull, swim)

Pulls: 10×100 on the 1:30 with 15 sec rest

Main set:







Each 300 faster, and the 100’s and 50’s at a fast pace.

Finish: 3x 50 fast kicking

3×50 fast

100 cool down.