Biathlon, Baseball and Beer

What could be better on a  Saturday?  I started out the day by heading out to the Springfield Biathlon.  I got to the beach house around 0645 with both scewers in my bike!  This was already going to be a good race.  I picked up my chip and set up my transition area.  Why is it so much easier with out the swim?

All the women went out in wave 3.  I started out the run feeling good.  I let the first female pass me , but I kept her close the whole run.  She slowed toward the end but I didn’t passer her.  It’s hard to save the energy for the bike, but you have to.  I was first out of transition.  Popped a Red Bull shot and was off.

I was passed by the #2 female around mile 5, then I passed her.  I felt strong on the hills.  I was passed again after the turn around by Bette.  She is an amazing cyclist.  Around mile 10 I was in 3rd.  I tried to pass at the end, but just couldn’t pull it off.

I finished in 3rd overall female! I was happy with my time on the run and bike.  averaging over 20 mph is a huge improvement for me!  I had to run after the finish to catch my youngest son’s baseball game.  I cooked in the sun, but he got a couple hits and played catcher.  He’s number 4 just like Molina!  Later I ,of course, had to  have a beer to celebrate!