Below 30

I did an hour of wights before work this morning with Jillian Michaels, on Demand.  The program is called “No More Troublezones”. Ha.  It is a good all over sculpt.  After work, I had to rush to get the kids and get ready for the time trial.  About 1700, it starts raining hard.  I just hoped it would pass quickly.  By the time I got out to New City, it was dry.  There were lot of new faces and the usuals at the time trial.  The temp was much cooler this week, so I was hoping to improve my performance. Maybe a sub 30min?   There was a head wind on the way, I tried to keep my speed above 19mph, but it was hard.  At the turnaround, I still hadn’t been passed, a good sign.   With the wind at my back, I started hammering.  I reached 25mph at one point (fast for me).  My finish time was 29:40.  2 min faster than last time, Yeah!  I set my bike by my car and slipped on my running shoes.  I wanted to just get the legs used to the feeling.  I ran out 5 min, and turned around.  I saw Jason, he was going to run 3 miles.  I was lucky to get to come do the TT, better not push it.  I got home to find Steven watching the Tour, where else.