Bad Mood

Maybe it was missing two days of training due to total debauchery in St. Louis at Courtneys bachellorette party, but I woke up in a really bad mood.  I could have stayed in bed, but I some how forced my running shoes on my bilstered feet.(5 inch heels are rough when wearing them all night.)  The first two miles I pondered what was wrong, and what needed done.  The good endorphins must have started flowing about mile two, because I started to feel better.  I remember why I love running.  My legs felt strong,  the sweat was rolling, and I love speeding up to pass the old joggers.  I made the 5 miles I planned on.  Later on I went to fitclub and lifted weights.  To celebrate Cinco de mayo I made tofu tacos! They were delecious.  So take that bad mood!