Backyard Suicides

All I wanted to do was sleep in this morning, but I made myself get out of bed.  0530 and I’m on the trainer.  I was too tired to do anything complicated, so I did a 10 min warm up, 5 min high cadence, 2 min easy, 7 min high cadence, 2 min rest, then 10 min at a high cadence.  While I was riding Steven came down stairs and did yoga.  ( I’m sure he loves that I wrote that).  So here I am riding on the trainer singing along to Wheezer, Steven is doing yoga and then my 7 year old comes down stairs and gets out my yoga mat and starts doing yoga with Steven.  It was the cutest thing ever.  OK ,enough with the mom stuff. 

After work I was supposed to take son #2 to soccer practice, and go run while he was there.  Practice was cancelled so we went in the back yard and did a practice of our own.  We did some passing and shooting drills.  Then Brady and I did suicides.  We started at the fence would run to the tree touch the ground, then to slide, touch the ground, back to the fence, to the swing, back to the fence, to the garage and back to the fence.  We did 5 of these.  I think I am in pretty good shape, bu these backyard suicides had me out of breath fast!