Back to school

My rough weekend consisted of; an early Friday morning sprint swim, followed by Friday night with Brooks and Dunn, and ZZ top.  Saturday a 4 mile run to sweat out the evil.   Not much else to speak of. 

Now this might not have a lot to do with training and racing, but it is relevant.  Today was fee day at school.  This means that tomorrow is the first day of school. 

New boxes of crayons, folders, and  new book bags. The kids are ready…but am I?  My training time gets a huge chunk taken out of it when school starts.  No more 3 a day workouts, or staying at the gym until 8:00.  The kids have to be home to do homework and get to bed early.  It’s so depressing.  I know I’m not the only rabbit out there who is dreading the start or another school year. 

My goal is to keep my level of fitness up until the polka pace race.  I would like to try and PR my 5k there this year.  I feel fairly confident that can.  So it’s back to structure, and back to school!