Back in the swim

On the flight home from Alabama, I read an issue of Shape magazine.  Kelly Rippa was on the cover.  They had the 6 exercises she includes in her routine.  I did this workout this morning before work.  It was a lot of lower body, and you could tell it was working.  After work I did an hour of weights, and then hit the pool.  I think had been 2 weeks since I swam last.  I was hurting for a swim.  I dove in the water, and instantly felt 100% better.  I contemplated my onsetting depression during the swim.  I have to have a goal, something train for. I thrive on organization, and planning.  Every mile, and minute.   The hot to trot is over, now what?  I need to focus on letting go, and  building up my base endurance for the april marathon.  I did a 1.5 mile swim, and then headed home to catch up on laundry, and well… this.