As Close As It Gets

I finally got my new issue of Triathlete magazine in the mail yesterday.  The cover was torn off, thanks post office.  At least I got it.  I read some during my break today.  It was interesting to read about the amateurs that will be racing in Kona.  I can’t wait till Oct. 11th. 

I followed Dan’s theme from Sunday, and had time to catch up on my podcasts while I road my trainer ofter work today.  I did some spinning in easy gears, high cadence.  I listened to endurance planet, grammar girl, and the nutrition diva, show had a particularly interesting one about sodium.  40min. later, and it was time to take #1son  to football.  With it getting darker, earlier practice times are shorter now.

Big B and I went to fc, and I hopped on a treadmill.  No warm up, I was still warm from the bike.  This was as close as my brick workout could get tonight.  I ran on the treadmill for 40 min.  Covering 4.6 miles.  I think I saw rabbit Aaron there?  Confirm?  I try to avoid eye contact with anyone  during and after a run. JK.

I did  four sets of biceps, abs, tris, and shoulders, before going back to get #1 from football.