A.M. Ride- P.M. Swim

I hate riding in the morning.  Some people hate to swim early, but for me it’s the bike.  But, I forced myself out the door this morning to get a ride in.  It’s easier when you have someone else going with you.   It’s also impossible to get out of town for a hour ride, from my house.  You spend 20 min. getting out of town and then have to come back.   Since it was early we went down to the trail in to Koke Mill and back.  It was a good hour ride.  Back just in time to get ready for work. 

After work I headed to Fitclub South to swim.  I did a 300 warm up, 6×75’s stroke drill.  Closed fist and six kicks.   Main set:  3×300, 3×200, 3×100.  300 cool down.  I felt much better than my last swim.