Ah Snap!

I must of missed the memo from Sunday, because when I went  Nelson for the masters swim there was a huge SUSA swim meet going on.  Steven and I went to south and did a sprint workout instead.  So today I slept in and went to south again and did a straight 1.5 miles in the pool.  Unless you are out the doors before  0600, it is way to hot to ride or run.  I mowed the yard around 2, and was sweating buckets. 

It was still stifling out side, so I wimped out and did a 45min tempo run on the treadmill.  It’s been a while since I ran on the dreadmill.  For strength training, I went to powerzone at fit club west.  We were using our tubes with handles to do outer thighs, when SNAP!  Mine broke in two and snapped me on the hand.  I haven’t even had that tube that long.  I grabbed some hand weights to finish the set.   I went home and iced my knee while I watched the Cards lose.