Abs are over it.

I began the morning with a half hour of pilates.  I think my abs are revolting against the work.  I was feeling ab attack from last night.  I finished my pilates and made a protein shake for breakfast. 

After work I went to fc and did 45min on the treadmill, at a tempo pace.  I just have to say, thank God for music, or the treadmill would be unbearable.  After my run I went to 1745 powerzone.  This class usually starts with 15 min. of abs.   Tonight was no different.  “Get a large ball” Julie yelled.  “oh no” I thought.   We started abs, and I felt instant fatigue.  My obliques were screaming, but that’s good… right.  After abs we worked opposing muscle groups.  I am taking a day off from abs tomorrow.   My abs are over it.