A Bone to Pick

I have a bone to pick with comcast.  (my apologies if anyone works for them.)  I woke at 0530 this morning to do a yoga work out. I normally go to the on demand menu on the TV, and to  free spot.  Exercise Tv hasa ton of yoga, pilates ,and ab work outs.  This morning, however, some thing had changed.  The free spot, and the exercise TV channel were no longer on the On demand menu.   I searched every where.  After a frustrating 10 min, I threw in my own yoga DVD.  The yoga work out still couldn’t calm me down.  I loved the variety of work outs I had with the on demand, and for free.  What happened?

After work I went out for a run.  The wind was whipping at my face and my legs were moving slow.  I began to warm up, and was running at a 7:30 pace.  I did a lap through the desolate Washington park, and headed back home.  After the freezing 4.5 miles, I warmed up at Ginger Asian with some fried tofu, and curry veggies.  Yumm!