8 Mile

I did 15 min of yoga this morning before going to work.  I wish I could have watched the inauguration, but work is always getting in the way. 

After work I went  out for my 8 mile pace run.  I put my yaks on with my Newtons.  I wasn’t sure how the sidewalks were, or how my newtons would do with the yaks.  This was the best pace run I have had in a long time.  I felt great most of the run, and had an easy time keeping around a 8min pace.  Thanks to Jason for the friendly 3 honk wave.   It was dark most of the run, and I just fell into a groove. 

I got home and did a post from yesterday, and the 6 pack abs with Cindy Whitmarsh.  It is now half time and the ILLINI are beating Ohio State!