3 Things

I headed out for a nice 6 mile run, starting from fit club west.  I unintentionally left my garmin at home.  Instead of focusing on pace, I just turned on the ipod and ran.  Three things I learned from the podcasts I listened to during the run: 1) Cashews are not as high in fat as everyone thinks.  Pecans are the fat leaders.  2)Multi grain, and whole grain are not the same.  3) The difference in rolling velocity between tubular, and clincher tires. 

I returned to fit club and went to 1730 ab attack.  I didn’t attend this class much during the summer because it cuts in to training time.  It felt like I hadn’t done a sit up in months.  Wow my abs were feelin it.  I made home to watch the Cards loose the last game of the series.  Yuk it up Cub fans.