20 Down 26.2 To Go

Three weeks and one day until the Boston Marathon!   Things could be better, but I did a 17 mile run last week, and I wanted to run 20 on Saturday.    I left my car in town Friday night so it gave us the perfect 20 mile route to run in and get it.  We Ran from home, down Mansion road to Wesley Chapel.  The we ran down Spaulding Orchard to Cokrell Lane.  Ran behind Panther Creek to Koke mill to Greenbriar.  We too Chatham Road to Washington.  The hills were great during the last 5 miles of a 20 mile run!  We made it to Dan’s(where the car was)  Stole a Pepsi from him before going home.  I felt okay, my leg ached a little towards the end.  I was happy to get a 20 miler in before the race. 

I iced my leg today and used my bone simulator, before Steven and I went to the pool.  We swam a 2800 yard set.  mixed 150’s, 100’s 50’s and 25’s.