19 down, 7 to go.

Friday night was movie night at St. Agnes.  The kids, Steven and   I went to watch “Evan Almighty” .  Jason was there with his kiddos too.  We were talking about plans for  our long run in the morning, and possibly meeting everyone at Moxo.  Jason is lonely with out Dan.  Leah was there and she said her and Erin were doing 19 at 0600.  So the plans were made and we were meeting them at 0600. 

I could here the wind all night long.  I though “oh great this is going to be a tough run” .  It was warmer than thought when I left the house.  About 38 degrees, but windy.  We left Erin’s house (5 of us running) and headed out  to Lincoln park for  a loop.  That gave us about 8 miles.  Only 11 more to go!  We went back out in the opposite direction.  It’s fun running with people you usually don’t.  You get to talk and listen to new stories.  I think the best part was around mile 17 and we started picking on each other… like Jason’s constantly beeping Garmin.  Leah commented” now we are really marathon training. 

It felt great getting the 19 miles done, and its only 0930.  I met Steven and the kids at Moxo for some breakfast, then I went home and took a nap.  The rest of the day I spent cleaning for the open house tomorrow, and then a reward dinner of sweet potato fries at the Corner. Yum!

Weekly total: 37 miles