The training schedule called for a 15 mile bike and a 2 mile run brick times 3.   It sounds easy enough, right? The only problem was that  I finally sold my house and they were coming to do the home inspection at 0900, so we had to find another transition area. We  started at 0630 and did 45min on the trainer first, and then a 2 mile run down town and back home. The first leg was easy.  Now we had to leave the house,  so we got on the bikes and road out to Stevens storage garage, or T2,  and dropped off our running shoes, and went out on another 15 mile ride.  We headed out behind Panther Creek West and then  back.  Bikes in the garage, running shoes on.  Down KokeMill for another 2 mile run.  A little slower this time, but not bad.  We got back on the bike for our last leg.  It was starting to look dark in the west, and we hopped to finish before it started to pour.  We finished the 15 miles back at home, and took of towards the park for our last run.  By this time, I was done. We made a stop at R&M, I got a FS energy drink, and Steve got a fully loaded Coke.  We got finished just before the rain came.   I think this work out was mentally exhausting as well as physically.  I would much rather do a 45 mile ride and then run 6 miles.  I’m sure it made us stronger, but I hope there isn’t another workout like this planned.