1200’s are hard!

I took Tuesday off and got  a desperately need hair cut, and color.  So tonight I was itchin to get to the track.  After a warm up, which didn’t take long, we started our 5 min run.  The first 5 min. I did a 1200.  Ran at a 630 pace.  We rested for a few minutes, and then started another 5 min run.  This time I ran next to Leah.  She made me push myself.  The next 5 min run I slowed down to a 7:00 min pace.  and the last 5 min I just did an 800.  Then we did a 400 and then a 4×400 relay.  It was a hot one!  I had to jet after the relay.  Reily got fitted for his football pads tonight, and he was getting dropped off at 1845.