You Know The Feeling

You know when you are sick and right before you throw up you get this feeling in your stomach and taste in your mouth.  Well, that is how I would describe today’s ride.

Today was probably the best day we’ve had for the Tuesday/Thursday night ride.  Temps in the 80’s and wind WSW at 10-15 mph…..beautiful.  There were about 20 of us.

The first sprint began on Old Salem Rd. when Andy L. attacked at the top of the hill and held a sizeable gap until the group closed in and Gary D. bridged up to him.  I think they stayed away.

After regrouping the second sprint started early as well with Andy attacking at the top of the hill.  Again the group closed, Gary bridged up, and the 2 stayed away.

Jeff W. attacked at the start of the keyhole and stayed away for probably 2 miles.  In the keyhole things began to incinerate.  I was lucky enough to latch onto the Andy train when he , Mike H., and Chad attacked leaving 4 of us at the front.  The kitchen was too hot for me so I got jetisened out the back and drifted backward through the carnage.  Needless to say I didn’t sprint for the 3rd sprint.  I actually spun in with Hardy Breed contributor Eric S.

The return trip on Old Salem Rd. is where the nausea began.  We were haulin’ booty and the field was still large.  Brock W. attacked a couple of times but I think being on a traditional road bike instead of the TT bike slowed him down a bit.  The pace was fast and only slowed down enough for me not to get dropped but not enough to recover.  This can be a painful conundrum.  Stay on and vomit or tail off and ride in easy.  Unfortunately, every time I was about to get dropped the pace would slow and I was forced to hang on.  The cycling gods were laughing at me.

The 4th sprint is brutal because there is no regroupment afterward.  So you are left wtih a choice of sprinting and possibly getting dropped or not sprinting and saving energy for the final sprint.  I opted for the latter.

The pace was actually manageable after the 4th sprint so I kept pulling through and was just happy to hold down my PowerBar.  I tried to sprint for the finale but didn’t have much to show for it.

Based on how I felt for the return trip I was happy with my performance.  38 miles covered and my second day of training in a row.