I just got a call from Rich at R&M Cyclery.  TREK IS FIXING MY BIKE!  They just need to know what color I want the frame painted.  I guess instead of touching up the paint they have to just paint it a solid color.  My choices were silver, white, red, blue, black, orange, or yellow.  I chose red.  It won’t be as pretty as 4 weeks ago but better than having to purchase a new machine.  The cost……….$500.  What a bargain!  I have been really impressed with the customer service that Trek offers.  As I stated before, I had a Trek 2300 that got cracked around the bottom bracket.  They replaced the whole frame for free.  It pays (no pun intended) to have a bike with a good reputation from a reputable company.  I doubt all companies treat their customers this way.  I have owned Trek bikes for 15 years.  They might have just created a lifetime customer.