We got back from Disneyworld on Saturday.  I was pleasantly surprised by the temperatures but it was so freakin’ windy.  After a couple of hours of rest I decided to embark on a bike ride.  My leg was still hurting so I decided to begin concentrating on the bike.  After all, I only have a hand full of miles for the year.

Heading south and west was miserable.  The winds were sustained at 24 mph.  My speed never crept above 17 mph.  The return trip wasn’t so bad.  On the tailwind sections I tried to spin as much as possible to get my “cycling legs” back.  I ended the ride with 17 miles.

Sunday Dan and I met for a ride.  The course was the same for me with 17 miles covered however (if you can believe it) it was windier.  Today the wind was sustained at 26 mph.  On some of the hills I was reduced to a 10 mph crawl.  My legs were feeling heavy from yesterday’s ride but good overall.  My leg doesn’t hurt when riding; only when running.  I haven’t ridden 2 days in a row in almost a year.  I’m a cyclist again!