Windy And Fast

I was still feeling the affects of the epic 100 miler from Saturday.  Rolling out of the driveway at 17:30 I was comfortable at 10 mph.  Anything over that and I felt I was pushing the pace.  Dan and I rode our usual loop and discussed Saturday’s ride.

The group tonight was sizeable.  I’m guessing around 20 or more.  The wind was strong out of the NW but the temperature was pleasant.

It was difficult staying with a group this large when there was a crosswind.  By the time we hit the “T” I would say the field was already cut in half due to attrition.  We did pick up some riders, including the Yeti from Thursday in the keyhole section, which contributed to the difficulty on the way back home.

Again the group size was a limiting factor for me.  Trying to get a draft in the crosswind was impossible if you were at the back.   About halfway back on Prarie Creek Rd. there were a couple of consecutive surges and my legs had had enough.  I was spit out the the back with 4 others.

We rode hard to catch the front group but I had nothing to contribute at that point.   I ended up with 39 miles as we eventually caught the group at Braddforton Rd.