Will The Madness Ever End?

I am so sick of this weather.  At ride time it was 55 degrees, cloudy, and a wind out of the North East.  I had to break out the leg warmers, gloves, and long sleeve jersey.  Will the madness ever end?

Dan and I met the ride at BikeTek after our usual 5 mile loop.  Tonight is just a hard ride, no sprinting.  A North East wind meant a blistering pace out and headwind back.  The significance is that if you get dropped on the way out you have to buck a head wind on the way back……by yourself and in the cold.  That usually is enough incentive to hang on for dear life.

We headed West at an average speed of 26-27 mph.  I was feeling decent so I tried to pull through a couple of times to test my legs.  That went OK but the pack starting to decrease in size from riders getting dropped so I was getting pretty nervous.  Eventually we hit the farthest point West and I was suffering.  The other part about a North East wind meant that on the way back the only way to get a draft was to be at the front or in the gutter.  I’m not strong enough to be at the front so I was a gutter ball on the way back.  I did pull through on a couple of occasions……much to my demise.  As my position in the rotation turned out I was the last to pull right before taking a right onto Farmingdale Rd.  This was my downfall.  Once heading South I got squeezed off the back by Mark S. doing one of his infamous surges.  I dangled about 10 lengths back for about 30 seconds.  At this point I said, bleep it, and stood up for one last effort to attach myself to the back of the peloton.  My thighs cramped and I was done.  Luckily, Gary D. was off the back so we rode the last 2 miles together until I peeled off at Bradforton Rd. 

All in all a good ride on bad day.  Totaling 39 miles for the day meant my longest ride of the year….groovy.