Wild Turkey (80 Proof) And Subway Sandwiches

Like standing at the bar with some drinkin’ buddies and someone suggests doing a shot of Wild Turkey, the Sullivan Triathlon sounded good at the time.  I signed up for it months ago.  I failed to realize it was just 6 days before the Illinois Marathon and didn’t bargain for rain that was blowing sideways.  Oh well!

The Sullivan Sprint Triathlon wasn’t exactly an “A” race for me but everyone wants to do well at races.  I had anticipated a 9:00, 400 meter swim.  This left me as bib number 176.  Which theoretically means there are 175 faster swimmers in Central Illinois than me.  My final time of 08:35 wasn’t too far off my expectations.  What I didn’t account for was all the other triathletes that would over-estimate themselves.  I could tell the way that earlier swimmers were swimming that I should have been more to the front.  My swim place was not Janet Evan’s-like (120) but come on people.  I actually passed 3 swimmers at one time before the halfway point.

Knowing the Marathon was less than a week away and the weather was ugly I kind of accepted a poor bike time.  The weather was intermittent rain, gusting winds, and possibly some hail.  The bike portion was brutal and left me struggling at 17 mph at some points.  Knowing the final leg was in front of me and the marathon 1 week away I just tried to pace myself and not go into the red zone.  I cruised in at 20 mph and some change.

The run portion was unusual with 2/3 of it being on winding, gravel trails and the finish being on pavement.  Trying to just stay at a good tempo I managed a 07:03/mile pace.

Retrospectively, I’m glad I did it.  My final time was 1:12.  Finishing 31st overall after having a starting position of 176 was just reward.  Now my legs are tired but I hope for a speedy recovery.  One final note, Kudos to the race organizer.  While not having enough volunteers, the unlimited supply of Subway sandwiches and medals 5 deep was a great compromise.