Where’s Dan?

Dan and Lunch With Eric were meeting at Eric’s house at 09:00 to run 12 miles.  I needed to get in 16 so I ran to Eric’s and met them right on time.  Upon leaving my house I felt like crap.  I was too focused on hydrating and only ended up bloating myself.  By the time I met up with the homeboys I was feeling better.  The slow warm-up was just what I needed.

We decided to run the secret “Vine and McArthur” loop.  Apparently it’s a tradition in Springfield that I have never heard of.  You can meet at 07:30 or 09:00 practically any Saturday on Vine and McArther and have running partners ready to go.  Who knew?

We ran to this location and began the 10 mile loop.  I felt pretty good at the start but by the time we hit the hills near Jefferson I was wanting Eric to slow down.  My plea fell on deaf ears as Eric crested the brutal turn-around climb and continued at the same pace.  Not hitting any stoplights or intersections wasn’t helping my cause either.  We never got a break.

Just like when my kids say “I have a great idea” you know it’s going to be the opposite.  Like running around the house with scissors.  Eric had a “great idea”.  Let’s run tempo for the last 2 miles.  Dan and I already thought we were running tempo but Eric wanted to go faster.  Dan and I reluctantly agreed.

Once cresting the hill in Washington Park we never saw Dan again.  Eric and I spoke with Mark S. (doing laps on his bike) on the boulevard and never really thought about Dan.  Talking with Mark S. did nothing but ruin my rhythm and send me anaerobic. The final 3/4 mile was brutal for me.

Eric and I finished together with him graciously waiting for me.  Then we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.  Dan never showed.  Eric and I began to worry……sort of.  We jogged back and forth but no Danoh.  So we decided to head back home.  Our worry turned to resentment as we walked up to Dan warming up in his Jeep.  He was spent.

I stopped the watch with exactly 16.02 miles.  Just what I needed.  Today’s run was supposed to be a progressive run.  Even though it wasn’t graduated at the end it kicked my ass anyway.