Where It All Went Wrong

It all went wrong when I began to get ready to run.  As soon as I started to get changed I began to have stomach cramps.  To the point that not running crossed my mind.  However, I was really motivated and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity if I was this excited about running.

It all continued to go wrong when I hit the pavement.  To add fuel to the fire (so to speak) I looked down and noticed I was wearing my old, worn-out running shoes.  Absentmindedness Sucks.

My plan was to run 1 mile tempo, 1 mile off, etc.  As soon as I started the first tempo run I knew it wasn’t a good idea but I continued.  I just didn’t have the speed and was hurting right away.  My legs were flailing around and going nowhere fast.  The first tempo was done at 07:02 pace, the second at 07:01, and the third at 07:14.  Not even listening to “Hash Pipe” by Weezer for the last mile could drop me below 07:00 for the last tempo.

Totals included 6.5 miles with an average pace of 07:50.  My pace didn’t seem to coincide with how bad I felt, but I’m not complaining.  The interesting part was that my maximum pace for the run was 04:52.  I don’t think I have ever run that fast.  I must have either been on a downhil with a huge tailwind or the satelites for my Garmin were moving with me.