When It All Went Wrong

Today’s workout was supposed to be 3, 2 mile tempo runs with 0.5 miles recovery between sets.  In order to complete 6 miles of tempo with recovery I was going to have to add some miles to my usual route.  So I headed West from my house down Washington to the “T” then headed south to Old Salem Rd.  Here is where the first tempo run began.

The sun was still out so I felt safe running east into traffic on Old Salem Rd.  I turned left back to Washington at the Old Salem “T” and the 2 miles ended right at Washington.  An average pace of 06:50/mile felt good but tough.

After 0.5 miles of recovery which included an iPod adjustment and  nature break the next tempo run began at the top of the hill across from Lutheran High School.  I could immediately tell that maintaining 06:50/mile on this hilly road was not an option.  The undulating terrain made me stay close to anaerobic most of the 2 miles.  The 2 miles ended around Chatham and Washington.  An average pace of 07:06/mile.  I was thankful for the break and walked a little to recover.

As soon as the last tempo run began I felt a sharp pain in my right calf.  I hesitated but continued thinking it would work itself out.  By the time I hit the stoplight at Veteran’s my calf was screaming and I was visually limping.  I tried to keep going but shortly before Koke Mill Rd my left foot starting hurting.  The tempo run was over and I was reduced to walking.

I walk/ran the rest of the way home.  Walking the last 0.5 miles gave me 8.5 miles total for the day but I wasn’t in good shape.  Immediately after changing I downed 800 mg of Ibuprofen and applied ice to both legs.  I hope it is nothing serious but I’m skeptical.

Weekly Total:  16 miles