What The Trail Was I Thinking

This post could have many names. Like Trail Bonk, Trail Misery, Trail Run, or Trail Torture. This one was picked arbitrarily. All are appropriate as this workout was a nightmare. I bonked so hard.

Dan picked me up at 09:00 and we headed to Site M. At the start the weather was pleasant with temps in the low 80’s and sunny. After about 1/2 mile I began to feel hypoglecimic. I wrote this off as a combination of coffee and N.O.Xplode. After about 3 miles I began to feel better and everything was cool.

By the time we turned around I noticed my jersey was soaked and my shorts were dripping. I was beginning to feel hot. My bottle was half empty but I thought 1 more hour and I will be back at the truck; no problem.

Site-M Kicks Jason's A$$

The rest of the run consisted of running, walking, stumbling, bending over, my face feeling numb, trying not to blow chunks, and hoping not to pass out. Words cannot describe how I felt. It’s been a while since I bonked that bad. Ther worst part about the trails were that the fire roads were not mowed so we were runnin in knee-high grass. I could barely lift my feet to advance let alone get them high enough to clear the grass.

It was rough. I walked/jogged from about 10 miles on. Dan was very supportive, but at this point Anna Kournikova could not have made me run faster. I felt bad for holding him up.

Salvation was attained at the Jeep. I forced myself to run the last hill out of dignity then collapsed at Dan’s feet.

13 miles has never hurt so bad. The trail is recommended though. There is nothing flat. All shor, steep ascents and descent. Transitioning between singletrack and fireroads. A truly challenging course just 40 minutes from Springfield.

It was a miserable day but as Nietzche said………..