What In Tarnation?

The temperature of Colony West’s pool was less than ideal at 06:00 this morning.  It was more like bath water than pool water.  It seemed the more laps I did the hotter I got.  There was never that refreshing feeling.  Brittany B., a friend of mine, was also doing laps this morning.  She let me borrow her pull buoys to get the feeling of floating in the water.  Now I know what it feels like to be parallel with the water instead of my usual 45 degree angle.  It started getting busy around 06:30 but I was almost done by that time.  I ended with 1000 yards but was able to do 2 sets of 500 yards without rest.  Hopefully my pool endurance is getting better.

Dan and I exchanged phone calls later in the day debating on whether to attend the training ride tonight.  It was 96 degrees with a heat index of 105, and virtually no wind.  The main concern was the condition of the roads.  Riding on tarry roads is one of my least favorite things.  Driving home from work I checked out Old Salem Rd.  It didn’t seem that bad so I decided to ride.  Dan was feeling tired from the track workout this afternoon so he bailed.

13 HardyBreeds did not get the memo.  Apparently Gary D. called off today’s ride.  Mike H. informed us that Prarie Creek Rd. was almost impassable because of the tar.  So we opted to ride to Salisbary via Washington St. and Old Covered Bridge Rd.

It all went wrong on Old Covered Bridge Rd.  It was so tarry there were sections where tractors had pulled up parts of the road with their giant tires.  We rode through sections of glass looking tar then muddy looking tar then rocky tar.  You know it’s bad when your own front wheel is throwing rocks up in your face.  If the rear wheel of the rider in front of you wasn’t throwing rocks in your face you were pelting yourself.  It was funny because you would ride through pockets of intense heat (usually near corn) and sure enough the road would be more tarry there than other parts.

By the time we crossed 97 some riders had already turned around.  I rode a little further with the group then decided enough was enough.  I turned around and rode in with Dan E. and Fergi.  I was already sweating buckets.  It was hot!

Still feeling pretty good and only having 18 miles on the bike I decided to go for a run when I got back.  As I exited my subdivision I met up with Andy L.  He also had had enough of the tar and turned around himself.  Heading back West from Veteran’s Parkway I met up with remnants of the group.  Not many had traversed the whole distance.  Did they make it to Salibury?  Hopefully one of you all will chime in and give me an update.  It just looked like the tar was getting worse and worse.

For the day I ended up with 1000 yards swimming, 18 miles on the bike, and 5 miles of running.  My own personal triathlon.