What I Learned

I learned that it takes me about 3 times as long to recover than the guys racing every weekend.  Today was hot and windy.  The field was whittled down dramtically because of the crosswind.  I knew I had to stay at the front and rotate through to get any kind of draft.  This tactic did allow me to make the front group on the way out.  However, when filtering back through the echelon I just wasn’t able to recover enough and catch my breath.  Just before the big hill I pulled through but couldn’t catch the back of the peleton. 

Dan E. and I waited for the group to come around again and were greeted early by Danoh.  He, too, was overcome by heat and wind.  Us 3 waited for the group.  By the time it came back around there was only a handful left with Gary D. and Ben getting dropped.  That tells you how tough it must have been on the back side.

We all rotated through smoothly on the way back to make for an exceptionally difficult ride.  I totaled 35 miles.