Walking Demons

A funky week.

Trying to allow enough time between hard running efforts I had to run my race pace 13.1 miler on Sunday late afternoon.  Since I wouldn’t be running the Lincoln Half Marathon this would be my half marathon race of the year. 

It started out well for the first 3 miles then I started to get a little a hypoglycemic and those walking demons started to haunt me.  But I knew that once you start to walk you can’t keep from slowing down more and walking more.  The rest of the run was constant but painful.  I finished in the dark and was surprised by my finish time of 1:37.  Surprised because I felt so bad but sort of disappointed as this was only about 10 seconds faster per mile than what I want to do at the full marathon.  Maybe I don’t have it?

Monday was a day off but on Tuesday I got out for 22 miles on the bike and another freakin’ flat tire.  That makes 5 for 201o.  I’m starting to get pissed off.  At least I don’t have to change the flat in freezing temperatures I guess.  There is nothing worse.

Wednesday I got in a good 1500 yards in the pool then got to go home and watch the Illini get finished off for the season.

Feeling exhausted for some reason I decided to take the next 2 days off.  It’s too early in the season to feel this tired.