The title describes today’s run so well.  Earlier in the week it was in the 50’s and 60’s.  Today was deceiving because it was sunny but not very warm.  I guess I was used to the warmer temperatures so I ended up not being prepared when the temperature dropped.

I left the house around 17:15 with the temperature around 38 and the wind out of the NW at 15 mph.  The order of the day was 5, 2 mile tempo runs.  It was going to be a tough run.  Heading out for my 1 mile warm-up I had a pretty hefty tailwind.

The first tempo included that damn hill on Koke Mill Rd and the stop light at Koke Mill and Old Jack.  Luckily I was able to weave around some cars and avoid stopping at the light.  I ended with an average pace 0f 06:50.  I felt pretty good about it.

The second tempo was run mainly South on Koke Mill and included a couple of lights that I nervously navigated the traffic.  Still with a substantial tailwind I eked out 07:05.

The third tempo was mainly heading East on the Wabash Trail.  Although there was a crosswind the trees were good coverage.  Even with about 0.5 miles heading into the wind I managed 06:53.

Tempo four was brutal.  Now my face was numb and the wind was so strong I really couldn’ hear my iPod.  It was getting dark so the temperature was dropping.  My sweat from the tailwind now was freezing cold in the headwind.  Most of the fourth run was heading West on the Wabash Trail and the rest was heading North on Koke Mill until about Walgreens.  I was happy to end up with an average pace of 07:07 but was dreading the last tempo.

Number 5 was painful.  My mouth was numb, my chest was cold, and I couldn’t move my hands that well.  I was wearing some thin Pearl Izumi riding gloves, not anticipating the dramatic temperature drop.  My finger tips tingled.  The last tempo was heading North on Koke Mill and West on Washington.  I dodged traffic for the 2 stop lights afraid to stop.  My legs were beginning to get pretty tired and I was worried that I would not be able to get started again with a good tempo if I stopped.  The 2 miles ended at the top of the hill where Lutheran High School sits.  I stopped the clock with an average pace of 07:19.  I really felt slower than that for the last section but I’m not complaining.

I stumbled home on auto pilot with 14 miles covered.  That was the most tempo I have every run.  I was exhausted when I got home.  These long tempo runs really tack on the miles.  Workout #1 is usually the shorter distance of my training program.  This week the 2 workouts are comparable in distance.  14 miles on a Wednesday night was tough.

It turns out that when I arrived home (around 19:19) the temperature had dropped to 30 degrees with a windchill of 19.  How do you dress for a 10 degree temperature drop.

Weekly Total:  17 miles