Treading Lightly

Monday’s rain meant no riding for me.  My leg has been feeling better so I decided to see how it would hold up on the treadmill.  I walked and jogged for 2 miles with no set pace.  I just went with how my leg felt.  It did feel a little tender so I stopped after 2 miles just happy to be jogging for the first time in 6 weeks.

Tuesday was a rain day also.  The skies cleared up just around 18:00 but I decided not to ride on the wet roads anyway.  Feeling like I should rest my leg but desperate to start running again I went to the basement.  This time I walked/jogged again but went a little faster.  And I did 3 miles.  My leg did feel a little sore which sort of worried me.  I hope I’m not coming back too soon.