Today Was A Good Day

Ice Cube vocalized it best with his hit “Today Was A Good Day”.  I couldn’t help but play this song in my head as the day progressed. 

The weekend didn’t start out so well.  The family was spending the weekend in Elkhart, IN. with Sandy’s side of the family.  I had planned to compete in a Duathlon up in Elkhart but I learned that it was canceled about a week ahead of time.  Oh well, I can take my running shoes and get in some good training anyway, I thought.

Sandy woke up with the kids so I was allowed the luxury of sleeping in today.  Upon rising Sandy informed me that the whole family (including her sister and 4 kids) were going to the country club to swim.  It was a gorgeious day so I decided to run and meet them there.

It was a flat 7 miles with hardly any cars to the country club.  Not a cloud in the sky and barely any wind.  Almost a perfect day.  I ran it in an effortless 07:50/mile.

Once I got there I changed into my trunks and proceeded to lounge.  Ahhh, it felt good.  I did make it out of the chair to swim a couple of laps in the pool.  It felt good to swim but my upper body got really tired.  By the time I finished my first 50 yards I was out of breath.  The triathlon isn’t looking so good.  I did manage to do about 50 yards x 3 but it required substantial effort.

After playing with the kids for a while I changed and headed to the driving range with Sandy’s step-dad.  Usually I drive the ball about 350 yards so I think the swimming made my arms tired (ha, ha, ha).  I was neither driving the balls straight or far.  But it felt good getting some swings in and feeling like I was Phil Mickelson.

The day ended with a dinner at the country club and 3-4 Goose Islands.  I was tired and burned but feeling rather rested from my stress-free day.

“Everything’s gonna be alright”